Monday, January 4, 2010

Twenty Ten (2010)

I am not a big person who likes to think the "new year" will bring great things and by making resolutions all will be fresh and new. The truth is... most years we go through the same routine and make the same mistakes. This year I am taking a different approach to this year. At first I thought I would make a Top 10 list of things I want to accomplish this year. My english professor said I had a natural talent to public speak because I was had a dry sense of humor when I made a top 10 list about how I hated public speaking. Needless to say I got an A.
But then I realized I didn't have 10 good goals for myself. I am sure I could make up some but that would be cheating the system and I am not about to start out the decade with cheating.

So here are some things I know I will accomplish, because well I already signed up for....

10. Run two half marathons by 2011 and maybe even a full marathon. 
I signed up for one half in March ( and by the end of January I will have signed up for another one.

9. Start Yoga/Pilates.
I need to be a little more flexible and I guess more focused. Anyone know any affordable Yoga classes or studios in the Newark area?

8. Fly across the ocean,
I haven't booked this but I figured I want to travel outside the US this year.

7. Read CNN more.
Cuz let's face it... I know more about which celebrity had a baby (Matthew McConaughey)

6. Challenge myself at work.
I am still getting the hang of University of Delaware but I think I still have so much to learn. (CHEESEY)

5. No to little soda... only one a week if any. 
I have been doing this one for about 4 years now... keep up the good work I guess.

4. Get rid of half of my wardrobe. 
No Seriously... I still would have too much. I need to simplify my life and clothing would do just that!

3. I would say spend more time with family.. But I think I am covered in that area. I made that my priority a couple of years back and have stuck to it!

2. Lose those last 10 pounds.
I have been see-sawing since September and would like to just be my goal weight and stick to it.

1. Continue to Be Happy. 
My Friends, My Family, My Life Choices...... they all affect my happiness in one way or another. I have always kept that in the back of my head. I hope I continue to be happy.

Well looky there... I did make a top 10 things to do this year! And half of them are resolutions! Hopefully I can fit blogging into my regiment so I can keep people updated... but life goes on!

There's a Jungle Cat in the Bathroom!  
*Maybe I should add "quote less movie quotes" to my list! 


  1. A great start to the new year ElleCMcG! All 10 things on the list are achievable... you just have to make the conscious choice to make them happen! You can do it!!! And just think... after two half marathons, your legs are gonna be jacked!!!
    Happy New Year!
    Cousin SeeFMcG

  2. On number 7, I have a better suggestion. Go to a newspaper web site each day and just read one story. Or sign up for their daily headlines and read what you can. You'll be much more informed than if you just stuck to CNN.