Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The P’s & C’s of my new TIME

Well, I have worked a successful week at University of Delaware in the Student Centers Office. (I have to get used to wearing non-old navy flip-flops – I have the blisters to prove it) Survived a weekend in Delaware (Well, I hung out in Philly Saturday and Lancaster on Sunday) and hopefully by next week I will be all moved into my apt. HOWEVER, I seem to have free time.

SO here are the Pro’s and Con’s of only working 20 hours…

-I can sleep in ALTHOUGH the sun wakes me up everyday at 7am
-I could start a hobby BUT knowing the future will be busy with class and other work, I have no motivation to do so.
-I can work out in the afternoon HOWEVER it’s been too hot to work out in the afternoon. Like Heat exhaustion hot.
-I can study more BUT classes haven’t started
-I have more time to shop UNFORTUNATELY low funds and a lack of Target in the Newark Area.
-More time to hang out with my plethora of friends BUT they all work 40 hours and live at least 45 minutes

Oh I could go one… but if you have suggestions on “What Laura Can Do to Occupy Herself”…. Let me know!

PS: Happy Birthday Mom


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